Remove The Rust From Pleated Brass Bathroom Light Fixtures

To remove rust from pleated brass bathroom light fixtures, it is important to remove the light fixture from the wall or ceiling and remove the light bulb. Make sure the league is actually brass coated and not solid brass by holding a magnet for it. If the magnet is attached, then it is brass coated with another metal underneath. If the magnet falls off, it’s brass and discoloration is calling.

Scrub the rusty area with a really fine piece of steel wool. Rub steel wool gently to remove as much rust as will go off. This may be all you need to do if the rust stain is small. If the stain remains and can not just be scrubbed away, consider other methods. Using a mildly acidic, you can easily eliminate lingering rust from pleated brass bathroom light fixtures. Vinegar and lemons are both mildly acidic is a natural alternative to removing rust. Mix salt and white vinegar into a thick paste and scrub the rusty area with it.

Polished Brass Bathroom Light Fixtures

Leave the pasta to rust for at least an hour before flushing it off. To use lemon, cut it in two and sprinkle salt over it. Scrub the rust with salted lemon half add more salt if necessary until rust is gone. The last, wash the pleated brass bathroom light fixtures area with warm soapy water. Use a mild soap as a bleach free detergent and rinse the area well. Wipe the light fixture with a soft absorbent dry towel and set it aside to complete air drying. Depending on what the piece looks like after rust has been removed, there may be a need to paint.

Picture Gallery of the Remove The Rust From Pleated Brass Bathroom Light Fixtures

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