To Fix Bathroom Vanities with Tops Porcelain

Jul 23rd

To fix bathroom vanities with tops porcelain, starting with check the vanity with a level to make sure it is level. Place the level through the top of the vanity. Add shims between the bottom of the vanity and the floor, if necessary until the makeup is level. It may be necessary to loosen the fixing screws that fix the make-up to the wall when inserting shims. Connect the faucet device and the sink drain according to the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the fixtures.

Install the high-porcelain makeup fixtures before attaching allows more room for tightening the different fixing nuts. Set the bathroom vanities with tops porcelain on top of the vanity, with the assistance of your helper. The top of vanity must be level and fit securely on vanity. This passage also allows you to see how the vanity fits in relation to the corners of the wall. Lift the vanity top off the vanity with top porcelain and set it aside.

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Apply a half-inch cord of silicon mastic along the top of the vanity frame with a caulking gun. Collect the top of bathroom vanities with tops porcelain with the assistance of your helper. Carefully place the top of the vanity above the top of the vanity. Press the top basin so that it comes in contact with the silicone mastic. Connect the remaining hydraulic system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a mastic cord between the top and the washbasin wall.

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